Sports Injury Myth Busted: No Pain, No Gain?

Many of us believe that a good exercise should result in throbbing joints and aching muscles.

However, that pain don’t necessarily mean you’re having a better exercise session.

In fact, that horrible achy feeling probably means you’ve overdone it a little and you will require an extra day or two for your muscles to recover.

Pain is your body signalling that something is wrong. If you feel real pain during a workout, you shouldn’t push past it; you should slow down and even stop your workout. To increase muscle and develop endurance you may need to experience a slight level of discomfort, but that’s not pain.

“No pain, no gain” is no good when it comes to developing a lifelong fitness plan. Always see a doctor when experiencing an unusual amount of discomfort. It could signal a serious condition of sports injury.

Dr Andrew Dutton, Medical Director
SMG Orthopaedic Group


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