Fat Burning Foods: 10 Superfoods that Help to Burn Fat Naturally

We all love super foods for their dense nutrient content and huge health benefits, but did you know that they double up as amazing metabolism boosters as well?

Being whole and unrefined, your metabolism has to work doubly hard to break them down which leads you to burn more calories and store less as fat. According to Pamela Peeke, MD, author of The Hunger Fix, adding these foods to your meals can help you burn up to 300 extra calories a day, as proven by several studies.

We’ve zoomed in on the following super foods that you should add to your diet, and the serving suggestions to help you make the most of their fat burning properties:

Fat Burning Foods: #1 Salmon

foods that help to burn fat

A top catch, salmon is rich in omega-3 which is highly regarded for its brain-boosting benefits. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition also suggests that the omega-3 fatty acids in salmon helps to build muscle and burn more calories – thus reducing your body fat content.

Other studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids help to control your hunger pangs, keeping you full for up to two hours after eating a fatty fish meal.

Recommended serving:

Aim to eat 3-oz servings of fatty fish such as salmon, at least twice a week.

Fat Burning Foods: #2 Yogurt

foods that help to burn fat

Turns out, foods that are rich in calcium have fat-burning superpowers too as it takes longer to leave your stomach – this helps to keep you satisfied longer. According to a review of studies, getting too little calcium may cause your body to turn the calories in your body into fat.

One great source of calcium-rich food is yogurt, which contains up to 50% more calcium than milk. Yogurt also contains probiotics which may help to keep belly fat under control.

Recommended serving:

Go for at least two servings of non-fat, low-fat or low-sugar yogurt a day.

Fat Burning Foods: #3 Green Tea

foods that help to burn fat

Studies suggest that green tea may promote weight loss by stimulating your body to burn fat. This is attributed to catechins, a type of phytochemical available in green tea which may briefly speed up your metabolism rate.

To get the most of this fat-burning benefit, try taking hot green tea several times a day. Apart from helping you burn fat, it also provides a soothing, mindful experience.

Recommended serving:

To reap the fat-burning benefits, drink four to six cups of caffeinated green tea a day and log in at least 180 minutes of exercise each week.

Fat Burning Foods: #4 Eggs

foods that help to burn fat

In addition to other vital nutrients, one egg has 75 calories and 7 grams of protein, which helps with weight loss in numerous ways. Your body uses more energy to break down the protein in foods compared to other nutrients. Protein also aids in maintaining muscle mass while you’re losing weight, and is more effective in controlling hunger compared to carbohydrates.

Recommended serving:

After years of backlash, eggs are accepted again by nutritionists and health experts who generally agree that up to 3 whole eggs can be safely eaten each day by healthy individuals. However, if you have high cholesterol, you may consider egg whites instead and consult your doctor for advice.

Fat Burning Foods: #5 Quinoa

foods that help to burn fat

Quinoa (pronounced as ‘keen-wa’) is a nutritional superstar that should be included in your weight loss menu plan. This wholegrain packs 8 grams of hunger-busting protein and 5 grams of fibre in one cup, on top of other nutrients such as iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin E.

Cook quinoa in the same way you would do for rice, and mix in some vegetables, nuts and lean protein for a complete and balanced meal.

Recommended serving:

Health experts recommend half to one cup of cooked quinoa per day/meal for adults. Make sure to rinse or soak quinoa before cooking to remove its bitter coating.

If you’re a big fan of dark chocolate, you’ll be glad to know that your favourite treat plays a role in weight loss too! More on this and other fat-burning super foods on the next page.



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