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MindChamps Allied Care - Denise Pang.jpg“My 2 daughters, Amanda and Alison, have been seeing Alison Ng since 2013. Throughout these 3.5 years, I have learn loads from Alison, about how to help my daughters manage their emotions and sensory issues. Alison is a very firm and caring therapist. She is very knowledgeable and is always sharing with me on how I can help my daughters cope with their environment, be it in school or at home. Just within the first 3 months of therapy, my elder daughter was able to pedal on a 2-wheel bicycle and my younger daughter was able to cycle on a bicycle with training wheels with ease. Through Alison, I can understand my daughters’ needs and am able to manage their emotions and behaviour much better than before. My daughters are always looking forward to their sessions with Alison.” - Testimonial from Miss Denise Foo, parent of Amanda and Alison

“Kenrick used to be a boy who could not communicate well with others due to his speech issues. As a result, he would always express himself by throwing tantrums. After a year of speech therapy with teacher Grace, his communication skills have improved significantly. His childcare teachers even commented that Kenrick is now able to express himself very well. With his improved communication and language application skills, his tendency of throwing of tantrums has decreased drastically. He is also better at self-regulation and following of instructions. He is always looking forward to his weekly sessions with teacher Grace. Thank you teacher Grace for your patience and guidance towards him. Without you, Kenrick would not have progressed this far.” – Testimonial from Miss Jaslyn Heng, parent of Kenrick Lau

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