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MindChamps Allied Care Creates Social Awareness for Children with Developmental Delays

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MindChamps Allied Care Creates Social Awareness for Children with Developmental Delays

MindChamps Allied Care working closely with teachers and families to support a child’s development

Singapore, 8 February 2017 – Figures from the Ministry of Family and Social Development (MSF) show that the number of educators providing learning support to students have increased by three-fold since 2013, thus allowing children with mild developmental needs to seek help. More specialists are working in preschools to help teachers identify developmental delays or needs in children.

MSF stresses the importance of these children benefitting from a mainstream and inclusive learning environment. With early intervention, the child will develop the competencies he or she requires for Primary One.

In most situations, it is beyond a parent’s ability to treat or even detect a child’s developmental delays or needs. MindChamps Allied Care will be organising a series of dedicated events which promote the close working relationship between therapists, teachers and families to support a child’s development.

Early detection is key, for it is the foundation on which therapy can be built upon.

Supporting the capacity of a child to meet the expectations of their school context

School is a context in which children learn how to be strategic learners, treasured friends,  valued community members, creative performers and efficient workers. Being a school student comprises many roles that can be appreciated or challenged by the academic and social expectations of teachers and classmates. In the 21st century, students need to be discerning in an information-saturated world, rather than reciters of facts.

For some students, the classroom can be ‘hard work’ and the playground can be a lonely or unhappy place because of executive functioning difficulties. Hence, using an occupational therapy perspective, our Guest Speaker Dr Susan Lowe’s talk will outline executive functioning abilities that support readiness for learning, presenting a strategic approach to promote student’s engagement in learning across academic and social domains.

The talk will also focus on the importance of strong partnerships between teachers, parents and allied health professionals and provide opportunities to explore the following:

  • How can we identify the strengths and difficulties of a student’s executive functioning abilities during performance in the context of their everyday school activities?
  • What are some effective cognitive strategies which can support a student’s increased engagement in learning within academic domains at school and social domains at home?

Table of Events

Table Of Events - MindChamps Medical

Guest Speaker’s Background

Dr SusanDr Susan Lowe, PHD MAppSc(OT) GradCertHlthSc (OT) is the Owner and Principal Occupational Therapist at Skills for Kids (a paediatric occupational therapy and speech language pathology private practice) in NSW, Australia. She is also Visiting Professor of the Bachelor of Science (Honours), Occupational Therapy degree at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Dr Lowe positions herself strategically in schools in partnership with teachers to increase their capacity to teach students who have executive functioning difficulties. By doing so, she aims to increase students’ readiness for learning through more efficient thinking strategies to develop resilience in vulnerable students.

For media enquiries and/or an interview with Dr Susan Lowe, please contact

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MindChamps Medical Opens Doors to Allied Care and In-school Healthcare Screening Services

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MindChamps Medical Opens Doors to Allied Care and In-school Healthcare Screening Services

MindChamps Allied Care fill in the gaps for children who require development and learning support

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Singapore, 2 November 2016 –  In line with the MindChamps approach that health should be preventive and not reactive, MindChamps Medical draws together the benefits of education and healthcare to enable families to better understand how to build a healthy overall lifestyle at the newly opened MindChamps Medical @ Tiong Bahru.

Allied Healthcare Services encompass occupational therapy and speech therapy for kids. Our Therapy sees that each child is unique despite challenging circumstances. With our tried-and tested occupational therapy intervention, our kids can rise above these learning circumstances to be the best that they can be. Our occupational therapy includes development and the nurturing of motor skills, handwriting skills, social skills, etc. Our speech therapy will assess, treat and help children with difficulties speaking, understanding and using the language effectively.

While physical challenges in speech and language are on the rise, the Ministry of Health attributes these to greater awareness and better detection. Early detection and dealing with it will weaken effects of developmental problems and work towards nurturing the child. This provides the foundation for adulthood.

Occupational Therapy Room

Occupational Therapy Room

Speech Therapy Room

Speech Therapy Room

As for In-school Health Screening, most find that in Singapore, basic health checks (height/weight, eyesight) are only offered to students in Primary School (ages 7 to12). At MindChamps Medical, regular health and development checks begin at the pre-school level (18 months onwards) and are recommended and extended to all students to ensure that they are growing well and reaching their developmental milestones. Our health checks allow us to detect the onset of any health or developmental issues, so that intervention occurs early.

MindChamps Medical offers annual In-school Health and Developmental Screening to MindChamps Preschools, and in time to come, non-MindChamps preschools. For the first time ever, children will be nurtured by four experts – the child’s teacher, MindChamps Medical’s doctor, the speech therapist and the occupational therapist – in a single Screening. The Screening strives to tap on the synergistic effort of the four child experts in producing the most thorough assessment of the child’s physical and developmental well-being. As the teacher has most interaction with the child on a daily basis, he or she is the best candidate to assist each of the medical professionals in the Screening, to facilitate the keenest of observations for the child.

Teachers will be trained by the medical professionals to look out for any symptoms of health, behavioural or developmental problems, alerting the child’s parents if so detected. Each participating child will receive an individualised assessment report that includes strategies to further facilitate the child’s developmental progress.

List of Services

Occupational Therapy

  • Developmental Milestones Facilitation
  • Gross and Fine Motor Skills Training
  • Sensory Processing Education
  • Visual Motor Integration and Visual Perception Skills Training
  • Motor Planning and Praxis Skills
  • Training for Age-appropriate self-regulation of Emotions and Behaviour
  • Social Skills and Play Skills Training
  • Training for Self-care Skills
  • Transition Planning and Support

Speech Therapy

  • Communication Skills Training
  • Expressive Language Skills Training
  • Receptive Language Skills Training
  • Articulation and Speech Production Training
  • Feeding and Swallowing Training

Group Classes

  • Handwriting Skills Training
  • Socialisation and Communication Skills Training


News: MindChamps Holdings buys back its 49% equity from Singapore Medical Group

NEWS: MindChamps Holdings buys back its 49% equity from Singapore Medical Group and now holds 100% of MindChamps Medical to maintain its founder’s original vision

Singapore, 30 November 2015 – With the completion of the equity buy back from Singapore Medical Group, MindChamps will now focus on establishing its presence in the healthcare sector on its own by setting up child-friendly and family oriented private general practitioner clinics that will be operated and franchised under the MindChamps Medical Clinic brand name. The first MindChamps Medical Clinic has opened in OneKM Mall since October 2015.

In partnership with Samsung, MindChamps will make available its proprietary eLearning Books which are uploaded onto Samsung Tab S units. These units will be placed at a dedicated kids’ interactive area located within all MindChamps Medical Clinics. Parents and their children could view the eLearning Books, which contains engaging stories, songs and phonics activities that would allow them to engage in learning in a fun and interactive way, especially whilst they await to see the doctor.

MindChamps founder, Group CEO and Chairman, Mr David Chiem, said: “The opening of our first MindChamps Medical Clinic in OneKM Mall marks an important milestone for us in realising our vision to help families achieve medical wellness through education. We will be opening our next clinic in Tiong Bahru Plaza in the first quarter of 2016 and more clinics later in the year.”


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