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Educational Therapy

Learning Support Classes • Social Skills Classes
• Anger Management Classes • Anxiety Management Classes
• School Shadow Support System

Educational Therapy Services

Educational Therapy attends to the underlying learning skills that affect academics. These skills include visual and auditory processing, attention and focus as well as memory skills. Adapting to the unique needs of the learner, the educational therapy sessions are equipped to deal with helping students with learning differences reach their highest potentials.

Educational Therapy offers a wide range of intensive interventions that are designed to remediate learning challenges. These interventions are individually customised.

Educational Therapy is also part of a wholesome intervention programme for children with learning differences. Along with Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy sessions, Educational Therapy provides support sessions for a child with learning differences to receive interventions in many areas. These areas include; reading, spelling, writing, listening skills, oral and communication skills, numeracy skills, problem-solving skills, comprehension and composition skills, time management skills, exam taking skills and social skills.

Services available:

Learning Support Classes

Learning support classes are specially tailored for children with specific learning difficulties in reading, spelling, writing and numeracy. Listening comprehension and reading comprehension will also be covered.

Suitable for: Children with learning differences in their early years of formal education

Social Skills Classes

These classes are designed to boost confidence by equipping children with skills to socialise and communicate more effectively with others both verbally and non-verbally. Some practical skills that will be taught include self-introduction, play initiation and turn-taking. Participants will also be engaged in guided play and pretend play.

Suitable for: Children with mild autism and/ or those who require support to understand social rules

Anger Management Classes

Besides teaching children how to deal with anger, it is important that children learn how to reduce the tendency of getting angry in the first place. Anger Management Classes help children build self-esteem and confidence so that they are able to cope with difficult situations better.

Anger Management Classes are specially tailored for children between six to 12 years old. The programme consists of six 90-minutes sessions. The child will be going through activities such as:

    • Recognising oneself
    • Acknowledging anger
    • Managing anger
    • Expressing anger in a positive manner
    • Self-appreciation and appreciation of others
    • Respect
    • Anger in school, at home and more

During this programme, the child will be involved in sharing sessions, written expression, hands-on activities, role play and discussion work. The use of social stories, movies and specific reading materials and articles will also be included in the programme.

Suitable for: Children who need support in dealing with their emotions, particularly in anger.

Anxiety Management Classes

Anxiety Management Classes are tailored for children aged between six to 12 years old. The programme consists of six sessions and each session is 90 minutes. The child will go through the following:

    • What is anxiety?
    • What causes anxiety?
    • How do I manage my anxiety?
    • Who should I tell/ share my anxiety with?
    • Am I ok if I have anxiety?
    • What can I do to relax?

During the programme, the child will take a journey with an imaginary character named Jeremy (for instance). Jeremy experiences anxiety issues and these negatively affected him, his studies and the people around him. Jeremy acquires the skills and strategies to manage his anxiety issues. As a result, his daily interaction with his family, friends and teachers improved. He also copes better with his schoolwork and is capable of managing expectations.

Suitable for: Children who are temperamental, tense, fidgety, unfocused, need constant reassurance, don’t sleep well or are hypersensitive.

School Shadow Support System

As inclusive education becomes more prominent in our society and the education system, the decision to include children with mild learning difficulties/ disabilities in mainstream schools have become more popular among parents. Teachers and school leaders are also welcoming the presence of children with special needs in the mainstream environment. However, we cannot deny that there are limitations to the support that the schools can provide for these children. Hence, there is a need to provide shadow teachers for these children who are in the mainstream schools.

The presence of shadow teachers in the school will allow these children with mild learning disabilities, to benefit from the mainstream curriculum with a negligible amount of disruption to the rest of the class. As the name goes, shadow teachers are not permanent teachers that stay with these children for a long period of time. Instead, a shadow teacher will take her exit when the child with special needs is ready to be an independent learner and is capable of coping with the routines and demands of the mainstream schedules and challenges. Typically, a shadow teacher stays with a child for a period of three to six months, or in some cases, up to a maximum of one year.

Shadow teachers work hand-in-hand with the child’s parents and teachers in the schools. A monthly meeting between the shadow teacher, the school teacher and the parents will be set up, to review the child’s progress and to assess the continuity of the presence of the shadow teacher.

 Suitable for: Children who struggle to adapt and learn independently in a mainstream school setting.

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